7000 smq Plot For Sale In Vrysses


Nestled in the picturesque village of Vryses, this expansive 7000 smq plot offers a unique opportunity for those looking to invest in the serene landscapes of Crete. Vryses is known for its natural beauty and is a tranquil inland village that lies just 7 km away from the vibrant seaside resort of Georgioupoli.

The plot is surrounded by the natural beauty of Vryses, characterized by its running springs and verdant greenery. The village square, a focal point of local life, is adorned with flowing waters that add to its charm. Vryses is not just about scenic beauty. The village is renowned for its traditional taverns and cafeterias, most of which are situated next to the soothing sounds of running water. Additionally, the village takes pride in its dairy products, offering a taste of authentic Cretan flavors.

While Vryses offers the tranquility of an inland village, it is conveniently located just 7 km from Georgioupoli, a popular seaside resort. Moreover, the plot is approximately 30 km south-east of Chania Town, making it easily accessible for both residents and visitors. With a generous plot size of 7000 m2 and an allowed build of 426 m2, this property offers ample space for development. Whether you envision a luxurious villa, a holiday retreat, or a residential complex, this plot provides the flexibility to bring your architectural dreams to life.

The investment details are as follows: The plot size is 7000 m2, with an allowed build of 426 m2. It is priced at 120,000€ and is currently available for sale.

More info about Vryses

Vryses is a lovely inland village, 7 km away from the seaside resport of Georgiouploi.  It is a place where mainly locals live with a few villas around to rent.  The village square has running springs and lush greenery around.

Vryses is famous for its taverns-cafeterias next to the running water and for the dairy products. It is close to many other villages and beautiful beaches.

Vryses is about 30 km south-east of Chania Town

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Property code: CAV-145308

Plot size: 7000 m2

Allowed build: 426 m2

Price: 120,000€

Availability: For Sale