Elafonissi Beach & Lagoon

The crystal clear waters of Elafonisi Beach, also known as Ελαφόνησος ,

This perfect beach and islet are at the far southwest coast of Crete. The clear, turquoise waters have beckoned travellers for centuries, but thankfully this area has a restricted development order in place. This natural, near pristine beach, with its pure white sandbars and natural islet, remains virtually untouched.  It is listed in the top ten beaches in the world

In some light, the sand takes on a pink glow, said to be from corals. Elafonisi is protected by an EU environmental program.

This is a perfect day trip, cruising with your car about 1 ½ hours through the mountins or passing by the coast road passing the beautiful monastery of Chrisoskalitissis. Cool down in the turquise waters, take a kite surf lesson at the local surf shop, enjoy the sunset and enjoy the most western point of Crete.