Chania Region

The Chania region is often termed as ‘Western Crete’ and is subdivided into 7 different municipalities; Apokoronas, Chania (city), Kantanos-Selino, Kissamos, Platanias, Sfakia and Gavdos Island. The area is of outstanding natural beauty with a mixture of mountains, beaches, gorges, small forests and valleys. The breath-taking beaches of Elafonissi and Balos are home to the region of Chania and fall in the top-ranking beaches of Europe. Samaria Gorge is the second longest gorge in Europe and is a popular walking destination in the summer months. The region is home to 160000 residents and the capital is Chania City. The northern part of the region is more developed with many towns and villages dotted around the area with all kinds of facilities and services. The southern side of the Chania region is a lot more rugged and less developed. The high mountains formed big gorges, making it an excellent destination for walks and hikes. The southern beaches of this region are more remote and wild with not many facilities. The sea is deep and turquoise and is a great place to escape the crowds for the day. The municipalities of Akrotiri and Apokoronas contain a number of settlements. Akrotiri is located northeast of the city of Chania and has direct access to the Chania international airport and fantastic beaches.  Apokoronas is greener and more fertile and contains many villages offering a traditional feel along with sandy beaches. Many foreigners have chosen to settle in this part of the region and it boasts a somewhat ‘expat’ lifestyle here.

Iconic things to do in the Chania region:

  • Enjoy the scenic location of Elafonisi beach
  • Take a ferry to the famous Balos lagoon and Gramvousa peninsula
  • Wonder around the backstreets of Chania and enjoy a cocktail in the harbour
  • Explore the traditional villages of Douliana and Gavalohori in the Apokoronas
  • Hike the breath-taking Samaria Gorge
  • Visit the wild and rugged landscape of the south coast
  • Walk around the ruins of the various Monasteries in the Akrotiri peninsula
  • Take a ferry from Chora Sfakion and spend a day in Loutro