Although larger in size it still boasts some charmingly peaceful kafenions around the crossroads and some very well thought of cafes and tavernas serving typical Cretan food, served in a traditional manner. A co-operative was founded here with the aim of rebuilding and restoring houses in the village, which lends to its charm. There are regular exhibitions held (art, photography etc) and music nights. It also well worth the walk…


Tzitzifes typifies a quiet Cretan village, located in a fertile, green area of the Apokoronas. It is set on two adjacent hills which slope down to the ravine.In the village is a kafenion and a mini-market at the old village square.


With its close proximity to Kalyves and multiple tracks and trails to explore, it is easy to see the attraction and charm of Tsivaras. There is a village hall for local activities, next to the kafenion and a beautiful old church. Tsivaras is also home to one of the local olive oil factories where Greeks bring their olives (mostly Koroneiki) in the season of the harvest (November to January) to…


Stylos is where the Australian and New Zealand rearguard soldiers made their final stand during the Battle of Crete. There are some delightful tavernas next to the river under the plane trees. It is here where the local spring water, Samaria, is bottled. Close to the square you will find the old Church of Agios Ionnis Theologos from the 13 century with decorated frescoes. Sit down at the riverside and…

Nio Chorio

A very quaint little village, still full of old charm, where the locals go about their daily business. Up the hillside in the old village is the old site of Koules the ruins of an old Turkish fortress. It was a key vantage point at that time to also view the ancient site of Aptera. Around the village square are a couple of kafenions and a surprisingly well-stocked mini market….


Meledoni is a cahrming Cretan village in the mountains of Apokoronas. From the village you have beautiful countryside views over the area and to the sea down at Kalyves and Geaorgeoupolis. The village is home of a large orthodox church and narrow streets and old houses invite you to stroll around. It is just 5km to Agios Pantes with its shops and taverna and the national road leading east to…


One of the oldest villages in the Apokoronas. Steeped in history and tradition, where everything moves at a gentle pace. The Ministry of Culture issued EU grants to those wishing to comply to strict laws to restore old buildings. You will note that the roofs are tiled in the traditional way with red tiles. Parts of the old village date back from the late Venetian period. There is even an…


This small village has retained is traditional Cretan character. Not only for its delightful landscape, but, its utterly charming handful of residents. There are many lovingly-restored houses.It is also famous locally for its cultural events during the summer and one of the best local feast days on 15 August.


The traditional Cretan village Kournas lies at at the only freshwater lake of Crete only 4km from the beach of Georgeoupolis. The lake lies in between mountains at 20m above sea level and is 22,5m deep at its deepest point. The fresh water lake is protected under Natura 2000 and offers shelter to turtles, ducks, eels and snakes. Water comes from mountain streams filling up the lake during winter months….

Kokkino Chorio

Most famous for being used as the backdrop for the film of Zorba the Greek, is a very picturesque village with some stunning coastal views. There is a delightful glass factory with objects made from hand-blown glass on site. At the village square there are a couple of mini-markets, cafes and tavernas. Kokkino Chorio hasbeautiful views over Souda Bay especially nice at night time with the village lights. You also…


The village of Kefalas is in a beautiful location and is the highest village of the Apokoronas Peninsula. (the name Kefalas means head). The Venetians left a strong impression on the village when they had homes and businesses here, including olive presses and arches which can still be seen today. The views are spectacularly impressive.


Kambia is a quiet, small village, an ideal spot to relax and unwind. There are views to Souda bay and the White Mountains. Close by are the villages of Almyrida, Plaka which offer all the amenities, shops, mini-markets and tavernas.