Sea Front Villa In Kera For Sale

Beach Front Villa” in Chania’s Apokoronas region is a luxurious two-story retreat on a 6-acre seaside plot. With terraced levels for optimal sea views, the design features a 150-square-meter pool, warm-toned materials, and modern, elegant interiors. A harmonious blend of opulence and coastal perfection.


The architectural masterpiece known as “Beach Front Villa” is a sublime creation nestled in the enchanting Apokoronas region of Chania, overlooking the mesmerizing Keras beach.

At its core, this project was conceived with the vision of crafting a luxurious haven that seamlessly blends opulence with an uninterrupted panorama of the sea. The elevated expanse of the plot demanded not just a residence but an immersive coastal experience, complete with a graceful descent to the sandy shores of Keras.

Set upon a sprawling 6-acre seaside canvas, with a magnetic northward orientation and a dramatic elevation shift exceeding 10 meters from the road to the shoreline, the topographical poetry inspired the division of the structure into two stories, culminating in a total of 550 square meters of architectural finesse.

The undulating contours of the terrain and the magnetic pull of the sea dictated the dance of spaces within, resulting in a terraced, parallel choreography that ensures boundless sea views from every vantage point. The grand entrance, strategically positioned on the northern flank, opens a portal to immediate access to the residence and a seamless vehicular journey into the subterranean parking sanctuary.

The symphony of design unfolds on the primary level, covering a generous 232 square meters. Here, a majestic symphony of living spaces, crowned by the master bedroom replete with a private sanctuary of a bathroom and dressing room, takes center stage. A sculptural staircase, flanked by an elevator, beckons inhabitants to ascend to the second level. Externally, this tier boasts a 150-square-meter aquatic oasis, a tantalizing barbecue enclave, an alfresco dining terrace, and a semi-open-air gymnasium.

The narrative ascends to the second level, an eloquent fusion of the subterranean realm and the voluminous bedrooms, seamlessly marrying with the natural amphitheater. A subterranean saga unfolds across 123 square meters, harboring three bedrooms cocooned in their private sanctuaries. The outdoor realm is a canvas adorned with a second, more intimate pool, a sanctuary for contemplation, and a staircase leading to the shores, complete with a dedicated tier for sunbeds. The subterranean haven spans 193 square meters, housing the subterranean parking haven and ancillary functions.

As the facades come to life, a ballet of expansive apertures facing the sea, intertwined with designed semi-alfresco pockets and distinctive roofing, casts a spell of unbridled living that harmoniously waltzes with the landscape. The material symphony, a melange of stone clad in warm hues, dark metallic serenades, and wooden surfaces, orchestrates an atmosphere that is simultaneously grounded, warm, and undeniably opulent.

Venturing into the inner sanctum, a chromatic pas de deux unfolds, an artful interplay between the purity of whites and the sultry depth of dark tones. This interplay imbues the interiors with a modern, tranquil elegance, where the sea itself plays the role of a living canvas. The chosen furniture and lighting embrace curves as the ruling aesthetic, orchestrating a sculptural harmony that seamlessly marries function and design. The “Beach Front Villa” stands not just as a residence but as a testament to the art of living, where every detail is a stroke in the canvas of coastal perfection.

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A tiny hamlet hidden between the two beach resorts Kalyves and Almyrida. There is a small pebble cove, from where you can see the island of Karga, which is a natural reserve for many bird species. There is also the 19 century architecture of the temple of the Virgin Mary, built on the site of an older Monestery.

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Property code: CAV-164206

Plot size: 3500 m2

House size: 544 m2

Price: 4,500,000€

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 6

Reception rooms: 1

Availability: For Sale

Energy rating: In progress

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